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Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Dan Beaver 307

Top 50

 1Thorn Racing336 
 1LB Frictionless Racing336 
 1River Ratt Runners336 
 1SquitoHawks Racing336 
 1JT Racing336 
 1The Assassin336 
 1Need for Speed336 
 1Vapor Trails336 
 1El Diablo336 
 1I'm Gonna Race the Truck336 
 148 Hater336 
 1Wronk's Wramblers336 
 1TURN LEFT!336 
 1BIG K336 
 1Bumpin is Racin336 
 1Need 4 Speed336 
 1Freaky Fast!336 
 1Popejoy's pit Buster's336 
 28T-Birds Rule334 
 30Wedge Adjustment332 
 30Jungle Cats - 2013 Champs332 
 30Redneck Racer332 
 30#48's Great!332 
 30Mr. H Jr.332 
 30I Wish Jack was Back332 
 41Dippin' Vagisil331 
 41Tailgate 3.0331 
 412 lbs n the rear got er loose331 
 41Gordon's Last Ride331 
 48Hapis Racing330 
 48Big Bill's Bootleggers330