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Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Dan Beaver 254

Top 50

 1Racing Slug355 
 2Passing on the Inside351 
 2tony stewart351 
 8CMC All but Ford347 
 8Pulgas de Carreras347 
 8Mukmuk Racing347 
 8In The Pits 2347 
 8Mr. Guru347 
 8ForDor Racin347 
 8Tony 'Skid Mark' Stewart347 
 8Jack Dup Racing347 
 8Stoned Sober Racing347 
 8Bailer Motorsports347 
 8Atlanta Bombs347 
 8Von Dutch347 
 25The Fleet's Finest346 
 25Pirate Racing346 
 25Tire Burnout 48346 
 25Stupid Pete Racing346 
 25Thunder Road346 
 25sirois racing346 
 25Silver back Motor Sports346 
 25Twin Magic Racing346 
 34505 Motorsports345 
 34Devil's Cut345 
 34Canyon Divers345 
 34Lick My Keselowski's345 
 40Laughing Clown Malt Liquor343 
 40Irish Diplomacy343 
 40SD Racing343 
 40Kitty's Best343 
 40Silver Fox343 
 40Trophy or Steering wheel343 
 40Bad monkey343