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Overall Leaders


Rank Team Points

Expert Ranks

- Dan Beaver 294

Top 50

 1Hot Rods342 
 1Frog's Drivers342 
 4team ella bean340 
 6ford forever338 
 9boogidy boogidy336 
 9Burr Racing Team336 
 9Ole Winston School Drivers336 
 9Skidpan Skidmarks336 
 15gordon beckham334 
 15ImaStatMan's Random Picks334 
 15TOO SLOW334 
 15Cooter Racing334 
 15People Know Me Racing334 
 15Cooper Tires334 
 15Stan bye334 
 15BiG WheeLs RacinG334 
 15duck duck334 
 28Thunder Terds332 
 28Regular Joe's Racing332 
 282 P's in a Pod332 
 28Catching Fire332 
 28I got Skid Marked332 
 28The Guy that started 43332 
 28Nascar Sucks332 
 28Husker Greats332 
 28Total Package332 
 28Rocky Dennis Express VI332 
 28winner winner332 
 28Intimidator Racing332 
 28Fast Trackers332 
 28Burlington Boys332 
 28Skinny Jeans332 
 28Marleyz Boyz332 
 28Red Stag Racing332